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Low Pressure House Washing

Is your home covered in algae, mold, mildew, cobwebs, dirt or grime?  In just a short period of time these contaminants can accumulate on your homes exterior.  When left untouched or cleaned improperly, you leave your home’s exterior at risk for potential damage or even early replacement.


Chesapeake Hydro-Wash is here to solve your problems.  We offer a Low Pressure House Wash that will restore your home’s exterior.


Why a “Low Pressure Wash”?

“Pressure” washing is now considered old technology. Would you really want someone to blast your home with 3000-4000 psi and hundreds of gallons of water? 


Our entire process uses less than 150psi. 


With our LOW PRESSURE chemical wash, we let the chemicals do the work! Our proprietary blend kills mold, mildew, and algae while cleaning and treating the siding for a lasting, rejuvenated look. Top that off with our WAX TREATMENT and you can protect your home with the fresh, clean look you love!